Welcome to AsianD8 Matchmaking

Our service is dedicated towards finding the best possible relationship matches for single South Asians.

A birth child from the huge success of AsianD8.com we are proud to offer something uniquely different to what we are most commonly known for.

After a successful pilot, our Asian matchmaking service is now fully operational and is designed for those people struggling to invest time in their dating life, like the idea of discretion and quality over quantity.

Why use a matchmaker?

  • if you are highly motivated to meet the right person
  • if you are struggling to present yourself well
  • if you can’t commit time towards online/app dating
  • if you like to ensure an element of confidentiality
  • if you prefer quality over quantity of dates
  • if your environment does not easily allow you to meet new people
  • if you like the idea of having someone helping you with your dating life
  • if you are willing to invest in letting someone assist you
AsianD8 Matchmaking