About Us

We know finding time to look for the perfect partner can be hard, especially once you’ve fitted in work, the commute, gym, a social life and not to mention that box set you are addicted to. In addition, we live in a world full of online dating sites and apps which can be difficult to commit time towards in order to get the best out of them.

That’s why we launched AsianD8 Matchmaking.

Unlike many other Asian matchmaking agencies, we already have people ready and waiting. With AsianD8s routes in organising over 150+ singles events each year and operating one of the most popular Asian dating websites (and app) in the market we already have a head start on other agencies trying to provide a similar service.

Who does this service cater for:

  • Time poor, busy professionals that can’t commit to all the online dating sites, events and apps out there.
  • People that prefer a high level of confidentiality due to career, family and/or other sensitivities.
  • Those struggling to come across the right way to potential singles and need help highlighting their best qualities.

If the above sounds like you? Get in touch now.

How much will it cost?

Our service is priced at a premium. However, the service offers fantastic value when you consider the amount of time you’ll save, gaining better quality matches and having a matchmaker on hand to advise you throughout the process.

After your initial enquiry our senior matchmaker will walk you through all the details.